Fuel Pump Replacement Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Fuel Pump Replacement Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Fuel Pump Replacement

So as you’re driving along the road you notice that your car isn’t going up that hill on the freeway as easily as it used to and that it’s been starting harder lately. Sounds like it might need a fuel pump replacement.

What is a fuel pump?

The fuel pump is a very important part of your car engine. When it isn’t working correctly, neither is your car. The fuel pumps job is to transfer the fuel stored in the gas tank to the engine where it can be used by the carburetor or the fuel injection system to make your engine operate. The fuel pump is designed to provide a consistent flow of fuel at pressures that the engine requires according to the vehicle manufacture specifications. This is important during acceleration or hauling heavy loads.

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What does the fuel pump do?

The fuel pump works constantly while the engine is running. It works hard to do its job, so after time it does wear out and needs to be replaced. This is more common on higher mileage vehicles. There are two basic types of fuel pumps. Older model cars have a mechanical fuel pump. These were easily accessible to be replaced as needed. Newer cars have an electric fuel pump that is sometimes mounted close to the engine or more likely inside the fuel tank. Whatever type fuel pump is on your vehicle, it’s important to have a trained certified technician do the testing of the pump and fuel system.

Other parts of the fuel pump system

In addition to the fuel pump, there is also a fuel filter that should be checked or replaced. It is a good idea to do both the fuel pump and the fuel filter at the same time. The fuel filter cleans any gas tank debris before the fuel gets to the engine.

During diagnosis of the problem, we will also check the fuel pump relay, electrical connections and in line fuses.

Symptoms of a failing Fuel Pump

  • Whining noise from the fuel tank
  • Difficulty starting
  • Decrease in power, acceleration
  • Car won’t start

What to do next

If your car is experiencing any of these symptoms, come see us before the fuel pump problem strands you somewhere, that’s never fun. At DJZ Automotive we can give you an accurate diagnosis of the problem and what repairs are necessary to get your vehicle running and dependable again.

All our technicians are ASE certified and are experienced in the care and repair of your vehicle.

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