Timing Belt Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Timing Belt Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Timing Belt

Did you know your cars Timing Belt is the Engine Dance leader? Maybe this is not DWTS worthy, but still its job is quite important.

Every car has some very necessary parts in its engine to help move your vehicle down the road. One of the most important of them being the Timing Belt.

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The Role of the Timing Belt

The inside of the engine has many moving parts. All of these parts are orchestrated by the Timing Belt. One of these parts is the Alternator moving at the correct speed to keep the battery system charged. And then there is the Air Conditioner compressor that keeps the inside of your vehicle cool and comfortable, and many other components of your car that help you get down the road, GPS, headlights, brake lights, stuff like that.

Inside your engine there is a crankshaft spinning very fast. Connected to the crankshaft are pistons moving up and down at a very high rate of speed. These pistons are creating the energy to move your car. Then there are the camshafts connected to the Timing Belt that are spinning even faster. These camshafts are pushing intake and exhaust valves inside the engine open and closed at a very crazy speed to allow the right amount of fuel into the engine. This is all done in an amazing dance that is controlled all by an important part of your engine called the Timing Belt, also referred to as a Timing chain.

When Do I Need Timing Belt Service

As you can see, the Timing Belt in your car’s engine is very important. It keeps the engine moving together at the correct timing and speed. If the Timing Belt or Timing Chain isn’t working as it should, the rest of the engine will not operate correctly.

Timing Belts/Chains have a very important part to play to help your car’s engine operate as it was designed to. And like all mechanical parts in your engine, Timing Belts/Chains do wear out over time and need to be serviced.

One of the jobs of the engine computer system is to monitor all the parts that should be checked and serviced depending on the mileage of your vehicle. Therefore, one indication that your Timing Belt or Timing Chain might need to be serviced is the dreaded Check Engine Light.

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